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Aerospike, KIOXIA Partner to Boost Database Performance


San Jose, California-based KIOXIA America Inc recently announced that it will partner with Aerospike to further enhance Aerospike’s Community Edition database, which could give results of up to a 36 per cent increase in application performance compared with the original software without the improvements made by KIOXIA. The testing procedure was performed with KIOXIA FL6 Series enterprise NVMe Storage Class Memory (SCM) SSDs with a software enhancement developed by KIOXIA. The Aerospike company’s database is optimised to run on flash memory and SSD devices and is capable of providing high throughput and low latency on flash memory.

“At Aerospike, we appreciate industry collaboration efforts with companies such as KIOXIA to continually improve our products,” noted Aerospike’s Paul Jensen, vice president of Technology and Infrastructure Partners. “In working with KIOXIA and testing the application software patch, we achieved a notable improvement in application performance in our Community Edition database.”

“KIOXIA has developed the broadest SSD product portfolio for the data centre, and we are committed to creating innovative storage solutions that improve storage latency and application performance,” said Neville Ichhaporia, vice president of SSD marketing and product management, KIOXIA America, Inc. “By collaborating closely with Aerospike, KIOXIA has not only developed a unique and differentiated SSD solution but has also developed and contributed software innovations that unlock substantial application performance improvement on our low latency FL6 Series SCM SSDs.”

It features the KIOXIA SCM solution, XL-FLASH, the PCIe 4.0 and NVMe 1.4 -compliant KIOXIA FL6 Series SSDs aim to bridge the gap between DRAM and TLC-based drives, making them quite compatible with latency-sensitive use cases such as caching layer, tiering and write logging. Currently, going on mass production, dual-port FL6 drives deliver high endurance (60 DWPD2) and are available in capacities of up to 3,200 gigabytes.

The detailed testing results are predicted to be announced during the KIOXIA keynote address.

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