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Intel issues list with DDR5-4800 RAM modules validated for the Alder Lake platform

by notebookcheck

We are just a few weeks away from the official launch of Intel’s Alder Lake desktop platform that is the first to offer hybrid DDR4+DDR5 support. In order to help early adopters with the transition to the new RAM standard, Intel recently issued a provisional list with DDR5 DIMMs compatible with the upcoming Alder Lake Z690 motherboards. Intel notes that the list contains validation results from a small sample of DDR5 DIMMs, so the list should be expanded as RAM suppliers release more models.

As mentioned in the validation document, all the DIMMs have been tested at the default DDR5-4800 speeds with VDDQ 1.1V and 40-39-39 timings on Automated Test Equipment. The FPS Review points out that the validation process was actually performed by a third-party entity called Advanced Validation Labs. Among the validated modules we see DIMMs with capacities ranging between 8 and 32 GB from RAM chip producers like SK Hynix, Samsung and Micron, but also from suppliers like Crucial and Kingston that have not yet officially announced specific DDR5 models.

We already know that Alder Lake supports DDR5-6400 and even DDR5-8000 specs thanks to the Gear 2 and Gear 4 modes that lower the memory controller speeds. Intel probably did not want to test overclocked modules as these appear to introduce increased latencies that may affect certain workloads.

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