PC enthusiast memory and storage brand Neo Forza, detailed its plans to roll out DDR5 memory for desktop PCs. It also sheds light on some of the possible combinations of memory speed and density under development. Q4 2021 is when the company's first DDR5 memory modules will debut. These will be basic, bare-PCB modules with specs and speeds closest to JEDEC's. The company will start out with DDR5-4800 MHz modules, with densities of 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB. The starting CAS latency on these things appears to be 40T. From what we gather, 16 GB will be the new single-rank standard memory size, 8 GB single-rank will be a low-cost option; while 32 GB could be commonly dual-rank, rarely single-. These modules will likely be co-branded with authorized DRAM IC providers.

Vanilla DDR5-4800 modules are only the beginning. Neo Forza plans to develop gaming-grade memory modules, complete with chunky heatspreaders, RGB LED illumination, and more importantly, higher clock speeds. The company expects that as DDR5 matures as a standard, speeds of DDR5-6400, DDR5-7200, and DDR5-8600, will become common for the enthusiast segment. The higher frequency modules will likely be 16 GB single-rank. As densities ramp up, 64 GB dual-rank modules will be possible, and Neo Forza expects to ship 128 GB (2x 64 GB) dual-channel kits, or scale out to 4-channel thru 8-channel HEDT platforms.

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