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Samsung 512GB DDR5 Memory with Frequency up to 7200MHz Showcased

by Sparrows news

The Intel 12th generation Core Alder Lake launched in September or October, and AMD Zen4 processors next year will bring the first support for DDR5 memory, and memory officially crosses into a new generation.

At the Hot Chips semiconductor conference, Samsung unveiled the industry’s first single 512GB DDR5 memory stick, with a frequency of even higher than 7200MHz. This memory can be said to exemplify the four main points of DDR5 compared to DDR4, with improved performance, higher speed, increased capacity, and better energy efficiency.

With such a high capacity, Samsung has resorted to 8-stack DRAM, with a single DRAM particle of only 1mm height, eventually achieving a capacity of 512GB with 20 pieces. According to Samsung, the new DDR5-7200 memory sticks have 40% higher performance, 2.2 times the previous frequency, and only 92% of the original voltage.

According to the introduction, Samsung this 512GB of DDR5 memory designed for server and enterprise use, a step up from the highest-end 256 GB modules on the market today, but to achieve this goal, Samsung has been introducing several new features and functions. Samsung promises to put into mass production by the end of the year, and there will be TB capacity versions in the future.

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