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Samsung unveils goals for DDR5 memory: 8-stack TSV modules


At HotChips 33 Samsung confirmed it is developing a DDR5 memory module featuring 8-stacks TSV modules, a double of what DDR4 memory was capable of. This means that theoretically, 512GB memory modules are possible in the future. 

With optimized packaging, Samsung plans to bring eight-stacked packages with lower heights than DDR4 4-stack memory. A reduction of height was possible thanks to a smaller gap between the dies (40% reduction) and by implementing thin wafer handling techniques. Importantly, 8-stack TSV modules would offer better cooling capabilities.

An 8-stack DDR5 module will enable capacities up to 512GB per module. This is a huge increase compared with DDR4 memory, which is mostly offered 32 and 64GB capacities at most, with a limited supply of 128GB or 256GB modules to the server market.

Samsung expects DDR5 memory to provide up to 85% performance increase over DDR4, up to 7.2 Gbp/s bandwidth, and doubled capabilities up to 512GB. At the same time, the new modules will feature a lower voltage of 1.1V, which in connection with on module voltage regulation will increase power efficiency. The announced 512GB RDIMM/LRDIMM modules are of course for the data center market. Consumers should not expect capacities beyond 64GB UDIMM any time soon.

According to Samsung, the mainstream market cross over to DDR5 should not be expected till 2023/2024. The transformation for the data center market should happen sooner, which is why Samsung is planning to manufacture 512GB DDR5-7200 modules by the end of this year.

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