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SanDisk's high storage microSD cards are up to 50% off for Prime Day

by AndroidPolice

There are two things we seem to always run short on with modern gadgets: battery life and storage. If you happen to need some extra juice to keep everything running longer, check out some of the other Prime Day deals for batteries. But if you’re always running out of space, maybe it’s time to pick up some memory cards for your camera, drone, or smartphone. SanDisk has some great deals on microSD memory cards for Prime Day with discounts up to 50% off.

These cards are designed to give very fast read speeds, hitting up to 120MB/s, in excess of the UHS-I spec. They’re perfect for use in a Nintendo Switch or other devices that demand fast access to the card. Write speeds are quick enough for burst shooting photos, and you can safely record up to 1080p video. Just be aware, if you want to capture 4K video, you’ll be better served by Samsung’s faster U3 cards while they’re on sale for Prime Day.

If you’re interested in taking to the skies with a drone or capturing fast-moving fun with an action camera, or maybe you just need a place to store a few more games for your Nintendo Switch, a microSD card is the right size for your gear. Despite their diminutive size, microSD cards can hold just as much as the full-size SD versions, and with the same speeds. Just make sure you don’t drop them, they’re pretty easy to lose.

These memory card deals should be sticking around through the 48-hour Prime Day event, but may not be this low again for quite a while. As always, supplies may not last, so get your orders in earlier rather than later.


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