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Wafer foundry capacity expansion plan in China, 2022


Most China's IC manufacturers will expand their capacity in 2022 and continue to gear up production to the fullest extent.


China-based integrated device manufacturers (IDM) including Silan Microelectronics, GTA, SiEn, CanSemi and YDME as well as China-based memory chip makers including YMTC, XMC and CXMT are expected to keep raising their production scales in 2022.

Meanwhile, China-based foundries including SMIC, Huahong Group and Nexchip are also aggressively expanding capacity. Moreover, foreign foundries including TSMC and Samsung Electronics will have added capacity coming online in 2022.

With China's semiconductor self-sufficiency remains at a low level, building up domestic production capacity will help China raise its semiconductor self-sufficiency, which is expected to encourage China's IC manufacturers to keep on expanding their capacity.

As to China's IC design firms, only very few of them have in-house manufacturing capability. Amid intensifying US-China tech war, China's IC design firms are looking to build their own fabrication lines.

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