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Winbond and Toshiba Join Hands In DRAM Technology Development

by Winbond

(Taipei)-- Winbond Electronics Corporation announced today that it is joining with Toshiba Corporation, Japan to co-develop 0.13 micron trench type DRAM memory technology and 512M DRAMs. This is the first joint DRAM process technology development project between Winbond and Toshiba, following a series of successful DRAM technology transfer agreements since Dec. 1995 . This collaboration project proves Winbond's capability in DRAM process technology R&D had been recognized by Toshiba, and the 2 parties now become partners in new DRAM technology development. 

"DRAM business is bound to go international through global strategic alliances" said Kuang Chiu, executive vice president of Winbond's DRAM Business,  Winbond and Toshiba have a successful history of cooperation in the past few years. Starting with the 1995 0.35 micron project, we have had three generations of technology transfer. The. 0.13 micron collaboration with Toshiba symbolizes our continuous commitment on technology advancement. We are glad that Winbond has won wide recognition in our R&D and manufacturing capability. Winbond was the first Fab in Taiwan, and number four worldwide, to successfully offer 0.175 micron 256M DRAMs. 

The development collaboration will be conducted by a team of specialists staffed from both companies at the Toshiba's manufacturing facilities in Japan. Each company will then implement the target processes in their separate manufacturing facilities. Winbond expects to install this jointly developed technology in its Fab 4 and Fab 5 beginning the fourth quarter of 2001, mainly for 512M DRAM products. 

Based on its leading edge in IC design and manufacturing, Winbond is offering customer high-quality and unique IC products as well as forging winning system solutions side by side with its customers. Winbond expects to continue its efforts in strategic alliances and joint ventures to build competitiveness in the global market of ICs and IC related industries. 

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