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  • About Triple

    • Established in Singapore in 2001 with a capital of 5 million Singapore dollars
    • Established in Taiwan in 2009 with a capital of 120 million Taiwan dollars

    Triple Electronic is a leading distributor for electronic components. Since 2007, our sales have reached USD $ 270 million every year.

    We have also became one of the major electronic component suppliers in Southeast Asia in the past few years. In the future, Triple will continue to improve and enhance operations and expand our global footprint.


    Through our excellent global network, we provide our customers with the most competitive prices. Our customer base includes the top ten international EMS factories.

    Business Philosophy

    Triple Electronic is currently the exclusive agent of more than 10 brands. Combining our authorized brand products and other powerful memory component product lines, we provide customers with a complete and one-time purchase supply service.


    Our experience, expertise, and global network enable us to be your long-term trusted partner in electronic components.


    We expect that every employee of Triple, regardless of position, provides our customers with the most professional services.

    Core Value

    The professional management and experienced sales team of Triple Electronics can provide customers with a number of value-added services, including:

    • A one stop shop for all your electronic components needs 
    • Professional consultation on EVB stage's DRAM usage
    • DRAM debugging services, 
    • Real-time information

    Triple Electronic provides budget-friendly solutions, sufficient inventory, and help our clients succeed.


    Triple Electronics has passed ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system.

    Service Items

    Triple Electronic effectively bridges customers and suppliers. We have excellent logistics capabilities that allow us to provide quality services to our clients.


    Triple Electronic provides support to the following industries:

    • Consumer Electronics: Digital camera, LCD TV, MP4, setting frame
    • Telecom Electronics: Modem, network switch, POS machine, router, VOIP phone
    • Infrastructure: MFP, portable hard drive, printer, server

    Winning Record

    • Distributor Award for most improvement on sales amounts
    • Most improvement distributor Award for outstanding sales records
    • Letter of award best distributor
    • Best supplier award
    • Singapore international 100 award SME overseas sales / TURNover EXCEllence
    • Singapore international 100 company
    • Singapore international 100 award SME overseas sales / TURNover EXCEllence
    • Singapore international 100 company
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